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Why do so effectively reinforced with CFRP-豸
Why do so effectively reinforced with CFRP

Using CFRP has become a consensus within the industry, which is dominated by fiber cloth good structural properties of the decision, we CFRP has good mechanical properties, is compression capability, usually many common generic steel times.

We use CFRP time to pay attention, because the different positions endurance, leading to a difficult fabric to withstand the pressure at the same time, so we have to bear some of the lower work load time will find that part of the endurance compared multi-fiber tensile strength of will to arrive and exit the operating conditions, and so on, each carbon fiber thread is gradually cracking, until all the damage. And the use of adhesives, various carbon fiber thread can be a good job together, greatly improving the tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber reinforced foremost it is necessary that the CFRP carbon fiber thread can with the job, so the binder of CFRP plays a key reinforcement effect, we need to do is to make the work more carbon fiber thread can be more rational and effective work.

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