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Why did you choose photography friends carbon fiber tripod-豸
Why did you choose photography friends carbon fiber tripod

Photography friends need to use a tripod because of the following three reasons:

1, the camera shake solution is to use a tripod.

2, the need to achieve a very clear composition.

3, strict control of depth of field.

But why choose a tripod carbon fiber tripod? Expensive carbon fiber tripods reason? Believe after reading the following, hobby photography friends know their choice.

Carbon fiber tripod with aluminum-magnesium alloy tripod compared advantages:

A carbon fiber tripod, good damping properties (good shock resistance), good stability when taking pictures;

2, a strong resistance to chemical solvents, does not corrode; not oxidized;

3, good light stability; aging; thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability.

4, high strength, good mechanical properties; load-bearing capacity;

5, the weight compared to aluminum tripod, in order to light.

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