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Paste CFRP requires attention to several places-豸
Paste CFRP requires attention to several places

First, according to the rules relating to the disposal standards and assure there is reliable data protection and adhesion between the carbon cloth / Kevlar cloth. Built using CFRP with distinction: the top to the quality of clearance, there are many manufacturers use basalt fiber, aramid fiber dyed black to pretend carbon fiber, will form a substandard quality of the project, so learn to identify the primary carbon fiber, Curt said yes compared to glossy black carbon fiber tow, what with the fire, will not bend, will be the same as the thin wire redness, touch smooth, soft, tow uniform, good conductivity.

The second is the quality of the carbon fiber post, and now there is "carbon fiber construction inspection standards" to do the project and the Party can borrow the construction side. Qualified posting quality guarantee.

Third, the carbon fiber is tensile, it's a great tensile strength, bending, bending effect is poor, as said above, both curved fold.

Fourth, after posting a carbon fiber should be shaded with anticorrosive mortar, prolonged exposure can affect the use life of CFRP.

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