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The main purpose of CFRP-豸
The main purpose of CFRP

First, the use of areas:

1) Aerospace: fuselage, rudder, rocket launching chassis, missile diffuser, solar panels, etc.;

2) Sports equipment: auto parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rod, baseball bats, skis, boats, badminton, etc.;

3) Industry: initiating machine parts, reinforced concrete layout object data, fan blades, drive shafts, and electrical parts, etc.;

4) Fire: Special class advanced manufacturing troops fire service, fire, steel mills and other applicable.

Fire rating: A-level - non-combustible, fulfilling specification GB8624-2006, the German norm DIN4102 A1 level

Civil construction, bridges, tunnels, concrete layout seismic reinforcement, reinforcement data: CFRP component layout for tensile, shear and seismic reinforcement, adhesives and supporting the use of the information together, may constitute good functionality with outstanding solid carbon fiber sheet enhancement system. The system is suitable for beams, columns, plates, authentic, round, arc.

Second, the use of the function:

1) steel reinforcement drained

2) beams, columns cracking reinforcement

3) plus seismic reinforcement layer

4) elevated, bridge repair and reinforcement

5) shear reinforcement door

6) balcony roots cracking reinforcement

A light weight, can operate in a small space, the construction process will not be affected

B the use of high-strength, can be sensitive for bending, shear and compressive engineering layout

C has excellent flexibility, shape member can wrap clutter

D satisfied with the appearance of the various components (bridges, tunnels, panels, beams, columns, ventilation barrels, pipes, walls, etc.) of alkali chemical resistant demand

E can reuse the fabric cover up flat; little effect on the decoration, long storage life; allow long operating period before the operation, after the operation, and the operation must have agreed to the presence of environmental differences

F high temperature resistance, creep resistance, wear resistance, seismic features

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