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CFRP manner described in detail-豸
CFRP manner described in detail

Carbon fiber reinforced bridge construction process a carbon fiber reinforced construction process

Disposal of concrete structures appearance - brushing primer - posted CFRP - brushing glue maintenance - Maintenance - beam some other coating - Quality Inspection 2, carbon fiber reinforced construction craft a) Disposal of concrete structures look
First appearance of damaged concrete structures, damaged some chiseling eradicate clean and compact layout parts arrive. View revealed corroded steel is not subject to corrosion, rust need to make the necessary disposal. For by chiseling, organize and damaged some components exposed tendons, with concrete strength higher than the original component epoxy mortar repair, restoration, arrived flat appearance.
Crack Repair: slit width of cracks less than 0.2mm, and be altered appearance with epoxy mastic sealed; greater than or equal to 0.2mm cracks with epoxy pouring. (See detailed construction crack closed construction process)
Some of the components protruding appearance (concrete members accountable parts, sections and poor template) polished flat segment deviation trimmed to ride. Edge of the site, with a grinder ground rounded off to a radius of not less than the minimum 20mm.
Clean polished exterior components, and make plenty of boring.
Before construction drawings should depict actinomycetes, reinforcing the need to locate the site. 2) Brushing Primer
Share with the rules by gum Weigh ZHG-3 (impregnated plastic) A and B feed material, component uniformity ratio of 3:1, into a clean container and mix with a mixer. Amount of time should be concordant within the time runs out, whichever may apply, shall not exceed the time available to use again.
Brush evenly impregnated plastic paint with a roller brush on the site posted in lap, multi-corner proper brushing some parts.
After impregnation glue curing, when the member has the appearance of cohesion raised, use sandpaper polishing, polishing if exposed concrete surface should be supplemented coated impregnated plastic. 3) Post CFRP
CFRP crop should advance in cutting position posted duct tape, duct tape in the middle position for cutting, so that after cutting the carbon fiber sheet neatly decapitated captive wire.
CFRP longitudinal lap joints necessary to 10cm or more, the site should be multi-coated adhesive resin; CFRP does not require lateral overlap.
When posting CFRP between CFRP and impregnated plastic should not constitute a residual air bubbles constitute hollowing. To this end, the available equipment on rolling along the fiber direction of carbon fiber sheet repeatedly on corners should be rolled toward the corner of the site would like arched rolling in the opposite direction, to remove air bubbles, plenty of impregnated glue evenly infiltration immersed carbon fiber sheet of carbon fiber bundles.
Hollowing disposal options as follows:
Written law, the CFRP opened more than two holes, using written impregnated plastic syringe, and then press the leveling.
Cutter cut repair method, cut into 2 to 3 knife along the fiber direction, with a rubber scraper, brush stained with appropriate impregnated plastic, cut a slit into the filling.
Repairing patch method, when the patch completely cured, can not cut knife to open or write impregnated plastic, or carbon fiber sheet presents the appearance of wrinkles or loose, should be amputated some bad scratch post carbon fiber and scratch post some overlap width of not less than 10cm. 4) Maintenance
After posting CFRP, need 24 hours to arrive early to maintain the natural curing and shall ensure that no curing time
By disturbed.

Before each procedure in the future impregnated plastic curing, to use plastic film cover to prevent the invasion of sand or rain.
Carbon fiber sheet after posting the required strength to reach the natural maintenance depicting moments: when the average temperature below 10 , needs two weeks; average temperature above 10 below 20 , the demand for 1 to 2 weeks; average temperature higher than 20 , demand for one week.
At this moment some patches were hard to avoid the impact. 5) Some other beam coating
1, when corrected for reinforcement member having the appearance of demand in coated carbon fiber epoxy curing appearance after brushing the desired color and depict needs paint.
2, after the resin cured coating should be, and should abide by the norms and rules of construction used in the coating. 3 Fixed fire needs reinforcement member can demand brushing refractory coating according to the owners after the resin is cured. 4, new technology for coating of new information, necessary to get plenty of discussion, when necessary, carry out experiments, the acknowledged official use only. 6) Quality Inspection
All appearances data, including carbon fiber sheets and cement materials, quality specifications should be fit and have goods factory certification, its various performance indicators and technical parameters of the project should fit the needs reinforcement depicts a suitable site temperature and humidity conditions. This is to ensure the quality of the project conditions.
Quality of the construction process, from the construction workers as counseling and supervision. After the end of the project each step of the Ministry of the self-test, and drew admit qualified talent to see the next procedure recognized by the Commissioner, or repair is necessary to stop the pass.
Construction quality requirements of each process are as follows:
Layout object appearance disposal, the appearance of the concrete structures damaged, damaged some parts of the eradication of clean arrive layout compaction; view revealed corroded steel is not subject to corrosion, rust should make the necessary disposal.
Crack is necessary to dispose of: slit width <0.20mm closed with epoxy clay altered, slit width 0.20mm with epoxy pouring.
For by chiseling, organize and damaged some components exposed tendons, to repair and restore. Concrete slurry appearance shocked, template segment deviation is necessary to polish smooth; member vertical and horizontal edge chamfer is necessary according to the rules; clean polished exterior components, and make plenty of boring.
When brushing primer should be brushing uniform, not missing coating.
Posted carbon fiber, carbon fiber cloth should rule cutting; patch orientation depicted demand by positioning crossed. . Posted CFRP quality test specification: a carbon fiber impregnated plastic dipped beam outstanding; b CFRP bond dense;.
. c sheet no-slip, tilt, loose appearance;. d along the fiber direction of the lap length is not less than 10cm;
e. CFRP standard patch orientation, length, width, fiber orientation, number of layers should fit depict rules.

7) Notice
Temperatures below 5 , relative humidity RH> 95%, the moisture content of the concrete appearance above 8%, there is a useful approach when condensation without representation, not construction.
Carbon fiber sheet in transport, storage, cutting and posting process, not bend. Therefore, before applying the patch wallpaper knife steel ruler and scale by cutting carbon fiber sheet rules, each length normally not exceed six meters is appropriate.
    To use a longer sheet, in addition to carefully avoid bending outside of degassing (ie, bubbles of carbon fiber patch eradicate residual air composition), maceration process is necessary to redouble careful operation. To avoid carbon fiber damage in the custody process, cutting the amount of carbon fiber sheet with the day's dosage should prevail.

Construction workers should adopt the necessary security approaches (such as wearing masks, gloves, goggles, helmets, etc.), the scene of fire and insisted outstanding ventilation.

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